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About HEARTplay Special Events
We hold one-time HEARTplay Workshops throughout the year focused on specific grief-related issues such as "Grief & the Holidays." As with all HEARTplay programs, these workshops are offered at no cost to all participants and are open to new and current HEARTplay participants.


A grief related resource guide for children, teens, young adults and families.


You deserve help and support and it's brave to ask for it. If you are struggling or thinking of hurting yourself or others, reach out to someone you trust AND/OR contact one of these 24/7 crisis support resources.

Suicide & Crisis Lifeline: call or text 988

For more information about what happens when you contact a crisis support resource, click here.

WGBH Radio: Bereavement Camp Helps Kids Cope With Loss of a Loved One 
by Craig LeMoult (December 2023)

WGBH Radio "All Things Considered": At Camp Erin, Kids Don't Move On, They Move Through
by Kana Ruhalter and Craig LeMoult (August 2022)
The New York Times: What a 'Grief Camp' for Kids Can Show Us About Healing
by Renate Raman and Joren Slaets (March 22, 2022)
The New York Times: As Families Grieve, Grandparents Step Up
by Paula Span (Apr. 12, 2022)
NPR: How Your Brain Copes with Grief, and Why it Takes Time to Heal
by Berly McCoy (Dec. 20, 2021)
The Boston Globe: Survey Finds Widespread Grief Among Children from COVID-19 Losses
by Felice J. Fryer (Apr. 17, 2022)

last updated 11/2023
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