Thank you for your interest in Camp HEARTplay. Our next Camp HEARTplay program will be Wednesday, November 11, 2020 10am-2pm on zoom! 
This Camp HEARTplay program will include fun activities, opportunities to connect with peers, and a remembrance ceremony. Children and teens of all ages and abilities welcome. Breakout rooms will be used to to appropriately group participants by age group. Optional co-occurring caregiver support groups will also be offered.
As with all HEARTplay programs, this Camp HEARTplay is offered at no cost to all families.
To confirm attendance, please register here.
About Camp HEARTplay
Camp HEARTplay is our newest HEARTplay program. These “mini-camp” sessions will be offered a few times a year during school breaks and are open to both current and new participants. Facilitated by experienced HEARTplay team members and trained, caring volunteers, Camp HEARTplay combines the therapeutic benefit of bereavement groups with the fun of a camp experience. Dates, times, locations and age range will vary by individual Camp HEARTplay program. As with all HEARTplay programs, Camp HEARTplay is offered at no cost to all participants.


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